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Rock Splitting Politics – Cabinet Picks Continue to be Brilliant

Join Doc Holliday on this week’s show as he provides the reasons why President Elect Trump’s cabinet picks continue to be brilliant.  Doc not only details the pick for the EPA but explains why this pick has the left wingers in an uproar.  Talking about roaring, Trump does that himself as he is building his team without regard to what the mainstream media might say—and he should because they have already thrown everything possible at this future president.  Doc also continues to provide clips from election night as he calls them the gift that keeps on giving.  So get ready for some festive Christmas time music, political input about cabinet picks, and Doc even tells about a family in Alabama who has memorized his poem “There Is a Crooked Hillary.”  Click on for another week of informative insights  that you will not get anywhere else but right here on Doc Holliday’s Rock Splitting Politics.  Like us on Facebook!