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Steve Kidd

Thriving Entrepreneur – How to Lead Powerfully with Jenny Dufresne

Often, most of us are so busy working that we tend to forget about the important things in life such as family, relationships, and most importantly ourselves. This is more evident to leaders because they tend to be workaholics. They carry the biggest responsibilities because how they act inside and outside the workplace has a significant impact on their employees. As a leader, you need to know how to draw the line between working for a living and living for your work.

Five things that most leaders glorify:

1. Glorification of sacrifice
2. Glorification of excessive hours
3. Glorification pf physical illness
4. Glorification of being accessible
5. Glorification of exhaustion

Learn how to fill yourself up by loving yourself and focusing on what’s important because you can’t serve your people well if you¹re empty from the inside. Join Steve in this amazing interview with Jenny DuFresne on Thriving Entrepreneur and know what it takes to be a successful and great  leader.