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Thriving Entrepreneur – How Small Changes Lead To Big Progress with K. Moneak and Tricia Nelson

Today, we are joined by two amazing authors who will be sharing with us how doing small and simple things can make a big difference in our life.
K. Moneak, author of Make It Happen
Sometimes in life, we wonder why we are always in the same predicament. We complain and whine about how much we want to change our situation but can’t seem to change things. Why? Because we’re not doing anything. Taking action is the key to making things happen in your life, and K. Moneak’s book will give you six actions that you can take to start making things happen in your life.
“Leap now. I don’t care if it looks impossible, if it looks hard, or if it looks overwhelming — it’s probably the right thing to do because we are destined for greatness.” — K. Moneak
If you’re an emotional eater, listen in as Tricia shares some tips from her book on how you can start healing your hunger. She shares with us her Pep Test, which is her quick version of how you can identify what’s really going on when you’re having food cravings.
“My mission in life is to help people heal their hunger because it’s not just a hunger for food; the hunger goes much deeper.” — Tricia
Be invested in yourself. Take the time to be more and do more. Find ways to overcome, and to grow. Take small steps toward the right directions. Do simple things that will slowly take you where you need to go.
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