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Thriving Entrepreneur – The Butterfly Within: How To Discover Your Wings with Andrea T. Martin

We are joined today by Andrea T. Martin, an amazing author who will be sharing with us her inspiring story of how she emerged from her painful past of guilt, shame and humiliation to become who GOD called her to be – a beautiful butterfly. She will also be sharing with us the process that she created and followed so you, too, can go through your own metamorphosis.
chrysalis (n) chrys·a·lis  \ ‘kri-s?-l?s \ -a protective covering a shelter stage or state of growth or being
Just like a caterpillar, there is a metamorphosis that needs to happen, at some point, in your life. Now is your time to allow that metamorphosis to take place so you can come out and be all that you were meant to be.
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