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Killer Health Care

Killer Health Care – The Problem of Over-Diagnosis in Health Care

Doctors seem awfully quick to categorize people as being sick. After all, much of our health care system is essentially a sick care system, so it makes it easier to know with what we are dealing. However, in the quest to look for a diagnosis as a way to prevent further problems, both doctor and patient can be exposed to the system in a way that makes us sicker. My guest H. Gilbert Welch, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine and Community and Family Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School, author of Over-Diagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health, provides us with vital information so we don’t have to be afraid of saying no to tests. He will even explain how our own body can heal cancer without the help of modern medicine.

Killer Health Care – Why Do People Turn to Alternative Means of Health Care?

My guest this week Dr. Stephen Barrett, founder of, believes many of these alternatives are quackery. He and I differ in what we feel are the driving forces behind the pursuit of alternative heatlh care. Join our spirited discussion and email me with your comments.

Killer Health Care – A Non-Invasive, FDA approved Therapy for Heart Disease

If you thought stents and bypass surgery were the only treatments for blockages of your coronary arteries, think again. An innovative, relatively simple, non-invasive therapy called EECP is available throughout the US. It is painless, without side effects, is FDA approved, has been available for years, and covered by most insurance. So why don’t you or your doctor know about this? Join me with my guest Debra Braverman, MD, of the Braverman EECP Heart Centers (, to answer this question and learn how you can get it.

Killer Health Care – Natural Compounds to Enhance Your Passion and Desire

A much ignored aspect of total wellness is the health of one’s intimacy. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, my host compounding pharmacist Phil Altman of The Healthy Choice Apothecary in Chappaqua, NY, discusses bio-identical hormone therapies as well as some of his specialty “passion” products. His website is,

Killer Health Care – America’s Dumbest Doctors

My guest K. Patrick McDonald wrote the book with the above title—a non-fiction, insider view of misbehavior, misadventure, screw-ups greed and murder, by physicians nationwide. As we discuss this controversial book, learn how it relates to the resonating feature of this program—being proactive with your healthcare.

Killer Health Care – Antidepressants For the Rest of Your Life?

My guest Bethany Butzer, Ph.D., author of The Antidepressant Antidote, knows from personal experience that once placed on an antidepressant is not a life sentence. Why are you on them? How do you come off? And how do you stay off while living a happy, healthy and satisfying life? Listen as Dr. Butzer tells her story and gives you practical advice to start you on a medicine free future. Visit her website

Killer Health Care – Health Care Reform

Do you think we need it? Do you think government run healthcare is the answer? What’s your role in all of this? My guest Brian E. Hill, MD, author of, STOP THE NOISE: A Physician’s Quest to Silence the Politics of Health Care Reform, has the answers to these and offers a very quick, implementable way to get us moving in the right direction. His website,, has much more information on this emotional and complex issue.

Killer Health Care – To Vaccinate or Not

Since Dr. Andrew Wakefield published his study in the British journal Lancet in 1998 showing a link between Autism and the MMR vaccine, the rate of vaccination in the UK and US has decreased and subsequently the infection rate of these viruses has increased. Investigations now reveal the entire study to be completely fraudulent. Does this mean that ALL vaccines are safe and we should stop questioning? And what does this have to do with another event this week, namely the change in the astrology charts? I suggest you listen in to find out more!

Killer Health Care – Losing Weight This Year

Three popular diets: Do they work? Are they for you? Hope or Hype? Listen in and you be the judge.

Killer Health Care – A New Perspective on Health for the New Year

Did you ever wonder why you can’t seem to make your resolutions work? Does your weight, for instance, seem to be something outside of your control? Well, you may be interested to hear my answer to these questions, together with the insights from two other respected doctor authorities: Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Seuss.