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Make Your Life a Feast

Make Your Life a Feast – Be Careful of What You Say…Words and Health

Our Words – both spoken and written impact our health – especially in terms of our emotional health and wellbeing.

Words can make us feel good or make us feel bad. Join us this week as we discuss three very real issues, and stories impacting our nation today and how awareness of our words can affect our wellbeing.

Let this week’s episode be a jumping off point for discussions on the power of words with those you love.

Make Your Life a Feast – Exploring Alternative Methods for Healing and Wellbeing

As you explore the T or Time for Self component of your wellness program it is crucial to be open to exploring new opportunities and ideas. Complimentary and Alternative Medicine is making an increase as a key topic in wellness and wellbeing exploration. Join our guest Jennifer Gehl, Certified Acutonics® Practitioner and Wellness Educator as she responds to recent studies and questions on alternative therapies.

Open your window to new ideas that you may want to incorporate into your own wellbeing program!

Make Your Life a Feast – Talking Wellness and Wellbeing with our Young Adults

The biggest way to impact wellness in America is by educating and listening to our Youth. Whether you are a teacher, CEO of a company hiring twenty somethings, or a parent; this is an important topic.

My 19-year-old son and guest, Eli Austin and I discuss how the younger generation both views wellness differently and have different or more pronounced well-being stressors.

Even more apparent is the fact that the younger generation has strong viewpoints – which we can all learn from.

Wellness is a topic that starts with education and listening. This show may be the starting point for a meaningful discussion.

Make Your Life a Feast – Let Your Stressors Be Your Guide

Join us this week as we acknowledge the top American Stressors for 2010 and look at how we can use our personal stressors to guide our wellbeing program. Join our special and highly requested Guest; Amy Swales as we discuss how identifying and creating a plan around the stress factors in your life can expand the walls of your life.
Amy Swales, ND and Certified Aromatherapist excels at helping individuals create personal wellness and wellbeing programs that really work. There is no doubt that stress management MUST be a key component in a successful wellness program.

Make Your Life a Feast – Change Your Attitude to Change Your Life

Attitude is contagious and attitude impacts each of us on a daily basis.

Join us this week as we give our listeners key points to evaluate and change their personal health and well being attitude. Listen as Quantum’s guest and lead Health Management Coach and Educator, Diane Gensamer shares her personal views on attitude after 40 years in the health care industry. You don’t want to miss today’s show – for steps you can implement immediately to change your health attitude!

Make Your Life a Feast – FEAST Into 2011

Start 2011 with honesty and purpose. Join us as we recap some of the FEAST issues of 2011 and encourage you to use FEAST as your personal acronymn for wellness and wellbeing change in 2011.
It’s time to let embrace personal responsibility for your own wellbeing. As Americans, we are empowered to make personal changes as individuals; and as families that can collectively change the face of America.

Financial Fitness, Exercise and Nutrition, Attitude, Spirit and Soul, and Time for Self – are all wellbeing categories that can change your life. Start today, by being honest and creating purpose driven goals for each FEAST category. Become part of the wellbeing revolution. Become part of the change in America today!