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Whether you are the head of a household or a Fortune 500 company, Leading Beyond the Status Quo helps you to improve the quality of your leadership with proven strategies and insight from seasoned leadership expert Al Gonzalez. Joined by a series of exciting guests, Al discusses universal concepts of serving, humility and transparency that he has shared with Fortune 500 companies and top universities for decades. Listen in and learn how to consistently achieve superior performance from others by leveraging strengths, developing trust and avoiding conflict.

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Leading Beyond the Status Quo – Are You a Failure Detective?

While there are countless people advising us to take risks and learn from our failures, there are not many, if any, advisors that tell us HOW to learn from our mistakes and failures. This week, we are joined by clinical psychologist, speaker, and author Guy Winch to discuss a 4 step process that anyone can […]

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Leading Beyond the Status Quo with Al Gonzalez

Too many times during his career, Al Gonzalez has experienced the devastating effects poor leadership can have on staff morale. Poor leadership is too often the cause of poor deliverables, too much conflict, and costly staff turnover. Al has also experienced painful family situations that were eventually resolved with the same leadership tools he was using with his teams.

As a person who loves to develop leaders, establishing trust and all its complexities has become Al’s passion. His goal is to help future leaders learn how to develop trust-based organizational cultures that are free of fear and full of transparency, instead of full of fear and free of transparency.

After 16 years of experience applying these tools to real-life situations as a leader at organizations such as Motorola and CBS Sports as well as Cornell, Al co-founded GIVE Leadership Institute in 2010, an organization with a mission to help present and future generations of leadership better understand the need for change in the recognition of people as precious resources and equip them to develop truly sustainable teams.
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