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Love On The Air

Val Chandler

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Host: Val Chandler

Love … who doesn’t want to be in it?

Reading and writing romance is truly an act of love. Are you magnetically drawn to the genré? Now for the first time you can sit in on conversations with your favorite romance writers. Hear what they are thinking as they craft their tales of heartbreak and humiliation, intimacy and estrangement and those glorious reunions.

Love On The Air is a frank discussion about the stories, the authors and the journey to be published. Join us for the agony and the ecstasy of love and romance. Come get hot and bothered and informed about this exciting writing style.

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Love On The Air with Val Chandler

Val Chandler is our author-in-residence and undercover media personality delving into the hearts and minds of romance writers of our time. Does she sound familiar? You may have heard her on other podcasts, radio shows or even seen her on television. Val brings her depth of experiences and her own love story to bear as she pulls back the veil of the popular romance genré and the people who make that world spin.


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