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Val Chandler

Armed ‘N’ Ready by Tee O’Fallon

Tee O’Fallon talks heart-to-heart with Val Chandler about her  exciting new book, Armed ‘N’ Ready.   They take a good look at the writing process, and how Tee’s previous experience in law enforcement informs and intensifies her characters and their meandering paths.  You’ll hear about  Tee’s unique research techniques that authenticate this new book,  and how they helped her model her characters.

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Armed ‘N’ Ready features Sgt. Nick Houston and his faithful companion and K-9 partner Saxon, as they navigate a tortured past and beautiful suspect – Andi Hardt.   Andi owns a unique eatery, The Dog Park Café – catering to people and their beloved fur friends.   She’s a foodie with a passion for wine and craft beer and a sophisticated lifestyle.   Who will yield to the pressures of today that are colored by the past?   Read Armed ‘N’ Ready for the suspense-filled, romance story you have been waiting for.  It’s on Amazon, grab your copy today.   Visit Tee’s web site for more information on her life, her dogs, previous and future books.  Check there for her social links too.