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DDS Exposé – Alert: Are Your Dentures Killing You?

Everyone has a story about Grandma leaving her teeth in a glass of water at night when going to bed; a common misconception that dentures are for “old people” and reinforced by television with a 75-year old grandma’s dentures falling out into the punch bowl at her granddaughter’s wedding. However, this is not always the case. With more sugar in most American’s diets, decay is on the rise and with poor dental hygiene, American’s are needing dentures at a younger age.
According to, “dentures are removable false teeth designed to replace missing teeth.” Dr Brown says “dentures are an option only if nothing else can be done.” He encourages non-denture wearers to think twice before removing all their teeth. Many denture wearers encounter problems such as a bad fit, mouth sores, decreased chewing ability by approximately 80% and speech impediments. He provides alternatives to dentures such as Snap On Dentures, that offer a better fit, are affordable, and create a beautiful smile.
Snap on Dentures tout several advantages to having this type of denture. A few of those are: needing no adhesives, better chewing ability and diminishing the wrinkles around the mouth.
Join us as we talk to Dr. Drew Brown, owner of Custom Dental of Newcastle and author of “Alert: Are Your Dentures Killing You?” as he educates us on the reasons people get dentures and unwraps secret alternatives.