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Chavah Aima

Enlightened Life – Enlightened Business: Integrating the Spiritual and Material Worlds

The conscious awakening of humanity is spreading like wildfire as 2012 unfolds. Enterprising, inspired entrepreneurs are no exception and many are seeking yogic balance in the business world. Mediation and yoga can help; but what if you actually knew how to use your career environment to help you wake up to an even greater level of awareness and command? Join us for an enlightening conversation with Virochana Khalsa, a yogic master who has attained that state and teaches others to do the same. He is the author of Tantra of the Beloved, Cultivating a Body of Nectar and Awakening in Buddhic Consciousness. He and his beloved, Shantara, have established Sacred Mountain Retreat in Crestone Colorado as the home for their spiritual offerings, and he is the founder and CEO of a highly innovative Ecommerce technology company, Silver Earth. Dive deep and discover timeless secrets to integrate your spirituality into your business passion.