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From Slavery to Freedom

Tom Calarco

From Slavery to Freedom – Interview with Fergus Bordewich

Interview with acclaimed writer and historian Fergus Bordewich, the author of six books and whose articles have appeared in the New York Times, Smithsonian, Reader’s Digest, The Atlantic, Harper’s, and New York Magazine. The discussion centers around Bordewich’s monumental book on the Underground Railroad, Bound for Canaan. We discuss what the Underground Railroad was and what it wasn’t, and clear up some misconceptions. We also discuss why the Underground Railroad is one of the most important movements in our nation’s history. The focus of Bordewich’s work has been human rights and you can learn more about his other books, the latest being America’s Great Debate, the story of the longest debate ever in Congress that culminated in the Compromise of 1850, on fergusbordewich.com.