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Kelli Wilson

Clutter Breakthrough – Small Business Guru Michael Gerber on Perseverance

Whether you are organizing your home or office, setting goals for your business or making choices in life perseverance plays a critical role in your success. Knowing your intention and giving it your attention until it is complete is how you make things happen. Tune in to my conversation with entrepreneurial legend Michael Gerber as we get to the core of where success and perseverance come from; within.

Michael Gerber is the author of the mega-bestseller “The E-Myth Revisited” and 13 other business coaching books plus numerous co-authored titles. He personally leads a business start-up incubator call The Dreaming Room where ideas are born and supported!

If you’ve ever doubted your dreams or held back because of an old belief or another person’s opinion listen to this and go forward with all you want to do in your life!