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Ripley Radio – The 3-Legged Man Named Lentini and the Alligator Man Named Jake

This week on Ripley Radio, the official broadcast partner of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, we look at a couple of Legends. Sideshow historian James Taylor introduces us to Francesco Lentini, a man with three legs who spent his life entertaining the weird and strange-seeking masses. David Marsh of Marsh’s Free Museum in Washington State, tells us about his most popular exhibit – the remains of Jake the Alligator Man.

Other Strange Stories We Captured for the January 28 Episode: UFO Researcher of the Year and Huffington Post journalist, Lee Speigel, lists the top UFO stories of 2012; a sheriff’s deputy tells of a drug bust his department made and you’ll be surprised at what they found guarding the stash; Scott Fais and Ripley archivist Edward Meyer talk about the incredible and mysterious Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida; and Angela reports on how one man is the proof that vodka can make you blind, but whiskey can make you see again!
The Neon Trees provide our musical egress this week with their big 2012 hit, Everybody Talks.

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