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Anne C. Graham

Solutions in Plain Sight – FREE EBOOK & LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT] Need to Get Your People More Engaged and Motivated? This Simple Question Holds the Key

You’ve got some good people, but they’re not exactly bouncing off the walls, eager to make it happen when they come into work each day. Instead, they’re missing the essential enthusiasm that makes a difference between a good employee and a great one who helps you meet your goals. That’s going to change when you use new leadership abilities to ignite every employee with what Dr. Jim Sellner calls “The Primal Giggle!”

Dr. Jim, VP Learning and Applications at VivoTeam, is a pioneer in virtual online leadership training who has worked with leaders, managers, and support staff at companies large and small around the globe, using uncommon approaches to help them break loose of the leadership practices they’re using today that are [conservatively] costing their business $5000 per person per year. With a powerful visual, Dr. Jim shows you how to get the equivalent impact of having each of your employees go to their own bank account, draw out $5000 of their own money, and hand it to you as a leader who inspires excellence.

In this AHA!-packed session full of examples, Dr. Jim shares the differences between competence and motivation, the four areas of competence and four areas of motivation that you need to ignite, and the intriguing concept of followership. He then offers a simple, actionable next step – the one question that leaders and managers must ask to kick-off the process of true engagement and high performance.

Solutions in Plain Sight Radio is all about the AHA! Moments that move the needle in your business, and leadership that truly engages and motivates every one your team is definitely a needle-mover. Your next step? Listen, and then connect with Jim at to request your free copy of his 35-page ebook, Leadership for Einsteins. When you submit the Leadership Assessment included in the book, Jim will provide personal feedback (no obligation, no sales pitch) on where you’re at as a leader today, and what you can do next to ignite the primal giggle in yourself and your team.

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