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Anne C. Graham

Solutions in Plain Sight – Why is it so hard to push strategic thinking down in an organization?

A Linked In discussion this past week asking this question attracted hundreds of comments – clearly, getting an organization onside with to execute well is a hot topic. If you’ve struggled to get everyone on the same page and going in the right direction, today’s guest has solutions for strategic alignment.

Mats Gerschman holds a Masters of Engineering and Executive MBA, and has over 30 years of experience leading engineering and manufacturing organizations. He is currently the CEO of Fortus, a consulting firm dedicated to operational excellence and successful implementation of strategy.
It today’s interview, Mats outlines what leaders need to do to achieve one of the core elements of his success: achieving strategic alignment throughout the organization. The key lies in creating a roadmap that makes the strategic plan meaningful, and then breaks it down into milestones, leading metrics, and motivation.

With colorful examples, Mats offers some specific solutions that help provide a new perspective, and specific recommendations for how to get started.

Solutions in Plain Sight Radio is all about the AHA! Moments that move the needle in your business, and leadership that truly engages and motivates every one your team is definitely a needle-mover. Simple. Practical. Profitable. Solutions. Your next step? Listen, and then evaluate how well you’re doing on executing your strategic plan, and give some serious thought to whether there’s an issue of strategic alignment throughout your organization. If you find a gap, then connect with Mats or with me – we’d be happy to provide additional solutions and specific tools that will close the gap and deliver alignment and execution.