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Solutions in Plain Sight

Anne C. Graham

Solutions in Plain Sight – [FREE CHECKLISTS] Overlooked Solutions to Never Feeling Ripped Off By a “Bad Consultant” Again

We’ve all brought consultants on board and found ourselves paying a bundle of billable time without ever seeing the kinds of results we were hoping for. David A Fields debunks the “we’ve always done it that way” approach to hiring consultants, and lays out a path to getting a great return on our investment.

David is one of the world’s leading authorities on using outside experts such as consultants, coaches, agencies, and frequently works with organizations to help them structure consulting agreements that minimize risk, ensure success, and deliver the desired outcomes in the timelines anticipated. In fact, in no uncertain terms he suggests we look in the mirror first when a consulting engagement goes awry, because we get the consultants we deserve when we focus on hiring an expert who can produce a variety of deliverables, rather than selecting resources capable of helping us create the outcomes we want. It’s not always the consultant that’s “bad” – often it’s the way we’ve defined our project!

With insightful candor and examples, David points out the traps that working with consultants who follow outdated project practices dating back to the 19th Century when many of the biggest consulting firms were founded, rather than using new approaches that reflect the realities of today’s fast-paced business environment. If you’re still paying on a time and materials basis (inputs vs. outcomes), you’re about to have an AHA! Moment. If you think you can manage billable time by putting a cap on it, think again. In both cases, the consultant’s interests are out of alignment with yours, and that spells trouble.

Solutions in Plain Sight Radio is all about the AHA! Moments that move the needle in your business. Getting the right external resources who accelerate your results can be either a huge help, or a high-risk hindrance. Simple. Practical. Profitable. Solutions. Your next step? Listen, and then download David’s checklists before you ever even think about hiring another coach or consultant. You can access additional free solutions in plain sight resources here.