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Solutions in Plain Sight – 3 Straightforward Steps to Dealing with Conflict at Work

How often do you find yourself in a meeting filled with tense co-workers, each with their own priorities or position on an issue or opportunity, unable to reach an agreement, or worse still, unable to have even a courteous and well-reasoned discussion? Conflict may be inevitable, but it can be constructive instead.

Carol Sutton is the President of CJS Communications with over 30 years of expertise at conflict resolution and mediation – critical skills for success considering that leaders lose, on average, 30% of their time managing conflict! Perhaps you’re amongst the majority of people who actively try to avoid conflict (which is not a trait that leaders at any level can sustain) and looking for a more comfortable option that you can adapt to your personality.

In today’s show, Carol shares some straightforward AHA! Moments that will help you reframe the conflict and simply break it down into a series of conversations. As she shares 3 straightforward steps that enhance transparency and break down the barriers caused by ego, posturing, or combativeness, leaders at all levels will develop the courage needed to approach conflict in new ways.

Solutions in Plain Sight Radio is all about the AHA! Moments that move the needle in your business. Dealing with conflict more effectively is going to put more time back in your day, and increase productivity for everyone on your team. Listen to Carol’s wisdom and access the additional resources to quickly see improvements and make a commitment to start putting any element of better conflict management into practice this week. For even more Solutions to the peskiest business issues, check out these additional free resources.

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