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Oma Edoja

Your Business, Your Heart! – Raising Your Revenue with Affiliate Marketing

One way to make your business sustainable is to have more than one income stream so that your revenue comes from different sources. It can get even better when some of these sources leverage the efforts and networks of others. One of such sources is affiliate programs and so, today, we have Katrina Sawa, the JumpStartYourBiz Coach, educating us on the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

In this show, you will learn:
* How you can raise your revenue with affiliate programs in any kind of business;
* What affiliate rates to pay for 1-2-1 services, digital products, physical products, group programs and live events;
* Whether to pay a commission or a flat fee;
* The difference between affiliate and referral marketing;
* How to set up an affiliate program;
* How to become and affiliate, earning commissions as you recommend helpful products and services to your customers;
* Where to find affiliate programs to join;
* What to do and what to avoid when implementing affiliate marketing in your business and
* How to get more customers quickly in your online store!

Have pen and paper to hand as you listen; you’ll be taking lots of notes!

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