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Bonnie Compton APRN, BC, CPNP


Summer is soon approaching and families will be spending lots of time together! Summer has always been a reminder for me to slow down, especially as the temperatures rise. Slowing down seems to be a thing of the past with our fast pace lives that we live. Summers of long ago offered lots of free time for kids to use their imagination and creativity. I recently read a study that children have half as much free time now than they did 30 years ago.

Children seemed to be so overscheduled now, that I often wonder if there is even time to allow and encourage creativity. Spending slower summer days with our children provides a wonderful space for creativity. Kids love to create and when we engage with them, we’re also provided an opportunity to connect with our kids.

I’ve invited my guest Bernadette Noll, to join me once again as we explore creative ways to connect with our children. During a previous show, Bernadette shared her inspiration and message about “Slow Family Living”. Today she’ll be sharing her ideas about how families can get their creative juices flowing and reconnect during the summer.

Bernadette is a writer, mother of four, speaker, workshop facilitator and author of the book Slow Family Living; 75 Simple Ways to Slow down, connect and create more joy. She loves creating workshops and rituals that offer both an opportunity to reflect and a way to create deeper connection with self and with family. She is currently working on a Guided Family Journal that will serve as both a tool for connection and fun and a personal family memoir. Originally from New Jersey, she lives in Austin, TX with her four children and has called Austin home for the past 24 years.

Bernadette will be offering a free giveaway of her “Slow Family Living Workbook”…so stay tuned for details!

Hope you’ll join us…