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Sarah Westall

Business Game Changers -Social Networking: Changing Business, Society, and Governments

Social media is a game changer for virtually all industries. It is changing the way we market to customers, how we battle in politics, and how we communicate with others.

Social media is reaching almost all areas of our lives.  It has facilitated crowd fundraising and it has launched new companies. It has even facilitated the over throw of governments. Governments now use it to balance out social threats and to calm unrest. They are also using it to track our every move and to study our behaviors.

With 73% of American adults using social media, all businesses and professionals need to be aware of this medium and how to use it effectively.

This show will talk with Amy Lauria, President and Owner of Spot Light Business Solutions. Her firm specializes in providing social media solutions to small and mid size businesses.

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Phone #: 651-373-1185