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Anthony And Amanda Bennie

Bennie And The Pets – Getting Catty with Your Canine

How to safely introduce a kitty into a poochy home. The Bennies interview Stacy Mantle, author and publisher of the popular web magazine and blog. Stacy gives you tips on avoiding bloodshed and creating harmony in an integrated canine/feline household
PET FOOD SECRETs #1: “All Natural” dry pet food- is it a scam? (Exclusive content-NO one else from inside the pet food industry will share this with you)
Bennie & the Pets News: 1. Fitness tracking devices for dogs; good idea…or not? 2. Animal control officer accused of reckless endangerment in dog adoptions. Can you get arrested for helping find a home for a dog?
SCRAPS: February is Pet Dental Health month- (Who knew?!) Natural alternatives for doggy dental care and why the most popular commercial “green or other-colored” engineered dental bones are a bad idea.