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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – Who is in Charge of Your Divorce?

Even though you may not want to get divorced and no matter how much you wish it wasn’t happening to you, the question you need to ask is who is in charge of your divorce.

The answer needs to be “you” because that’s the only way to increase the likelihood of a healthier divorce for you. However, that’s not easy when there are so many issues and concerns to resolve, some of which are interdependent, when every aspect of your life is being disrupted, and you’re experiencing a wild range of emotions that are difficult to manage.

Joining Mandy today is family lawyer Henry Gornbein. Henry is the author of a new book Divorce Demystified. In this episode, Mandy and Henry give you tips and insights into:

  • The first steps to taking charge of your divorce
  • The difference between having your attorney advise you and looking to your attorney to make your decisions
  • Why going to trial may be good for your attorney but bad for you
  • The dangers in getting locked into a position
  • How feasible it is to handle your own legal process.

Henry S. Gornbein is a partner with the law firm of Lippitt O’Keefe Gorbein PLLC in Birmingham, Michigan. He has been working in family law for over forty years and has several publications: he is the author of the “Spousal Support” chapter of Michigan Family Law; author of the “Case of the Issue” for the Family Law Section Journal, State Bar of Michigan. His latest book, Divorce Demystified, Everything You Need To Know Before Filing for Divorce, is now available on Amazon.

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