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Conversations About Divorce – Surviving On A Single Parent’s Budget – Back-to-School Special

It’s that time of year – back-to-school is always a time of transition for families with shifting schedules, changing routines and a faster pace. It also comes with a flood of expenses creating stress on the budget and emotional stress when you have to say no to some of the requests from your child.
While managing back-to-school expenses needs to be part of an overall strategy for living on a limited budget, there’s much you can do to avoid this being a crisis and even turn it into a money management lesson for your child.
Listen to this episode as Mandy discusses this with blogger and author April McCaffrey. You’ll learn:
  • The first place you should always go to shop
  • Why involving your child is smart
  • Why balancing frugality with fun is important
  • How to handle back-to-school expenses with your ex
April McCaffery is the single parent of two teenage daughters, a paralegal, blogger at It’s All About Balance, and author of Balancing the Single Mom Budget, available on Amazon.
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