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Create Your Magical Life

Alana Sheeren

Create Your Magical Life – Signs From Spirit & Finding Your True Calling with Liv Lane

Have you ever felt the presence of a departed loved one and wondered if they were trying to communicate with you? Have you woken from a dream about them feeling like they were right there? Do you wonder what messages Spirit might have about the life you’re living?

Intuitive advisor and co-author of the new book Infinite Purpose: Care Instructions for your True Calling, Liv Lane shares messages from the other side, gives examples of ways our loved ones try to communicate with us and tells the magical story of how Spirit is using her to reach Magic Makers everywhere.

Learn more about Liv at LivLane.com

Find the book at YourInfinitePurpose.com

Also in this show, Maura Kroh, founder of Acacia Creations talks about how her company’s mission to go “beyond fair trade” is changing lives and empowering families in impoverished communities across East Africa and Asia.