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The Girlfriends

Whitney Lasky, Shelley MacArthur and Shauna Montgomery

The Girlfriends – India Hicks takes the world by storm and launches a Lifestyle!

India Hicks grew up in England, schooled in Scotland, studied in Boston, modeled in Paris and lived in New York!

She stumbled upon Harbor Island in the Bahamas. Fell in love with  a man named David and a gentler way of life. Here she created a home for their five children.

Born under a Lucky Star, daughter of the famed designer “David Hicks,”India wanted to share part of her life,her British heritage and a lot of her lsland story. She created a unique line of the highest quality accessories and gifts, infused with a sense of adventurous spirit.

India Hicks created a company so that other women can join her…and run it as their own business… On their own terms… In their own time!

Come meet India Hicks with …The Girlfriends…