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Stephanie Erickson

Caregivers Circle – This stress is killing me! How to Achieve Health and Wellness for Your Own Sake

My friend was just telling me a story about how the commute to her job is killing her.  She’s spending 10 hours in the car each week and she has no time to decompress.  Her nights are spent rushing through homework and domestic tasks while her kids feel like she’s only half-there. Due to her guilt and fatigue, her sleep patterns are compromised and so when she is at work she’s only half-performing.  This causes more stress and fear that her boss will find her ineffective and eventually she’ll lose her job.

My friend is not alone.  Stress-related illnesses are a real thing and are costing individuals, like my friend, quality of life.  So what can we do to understand the sources of our stress clearly, whether at work or at home, and do something about it before it kills us?  This week’s guest on Caregivers’ Circle, Ken Keis, author of 4 books including The Quest For Purpose How to Find It and Live It; Deliberate Leadership Creating Success Through Personal Style ; Why Aren’t You More Like Me?; and  The Source discusses how to identify your stress patterns and what to do about it.  Listen in to avoid stress getting the best of you!