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Books On Air – The Right Hand Of God by Nelda Moffat

THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD by Nelda Moffatt

The book examines the Bible and Christianity in the context of history—from creation to the 21st century. This includes the science of creation, also man’s evolution as he moves into social and spiritual evolution. As God reveals more and more of Himself. First, as Creator and Spirit, in the Old Testament. God’s  providence in history was at work in the centuries before Christ, then was fulfilled in Christ, who is the son of man (all mankind, all BC history) and sits at the Right Hand of God leading AD history.

By God’s Providence with Christ leading the way, Christianity spread to and through Europe. Early thinkers (Abelard, Wysliffe) laid steps to reform. Luther climbed those steps and crossed the threshold of Reform. The climate of the time at 1500 set in motion three thrusts of development represented by three men:
1. Galileo: science-technology, was the father of modern science;
2. Christopher Columbus: social-political, he discovered America where it took place;
3. Martin Luther: ideational-spiritual-individuals through the Reformation’s think for yourself embodied in the ‘priesthood of believer.’