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Thriving Entrepreneur

Steve Kidd

Answers for Growth & Profit in Your Business and in Your Life with Steve Kidd

Steve Kidd, The host of Thriving Entrepreneur,  has been in business literally all of his life.  Steve began selling door-to-door at 5, was a sales manager by 19 and has been coaching business people since 1988.
The son of a minister and the grandson of a one as well, Steve had travelled the world offering help and insight to people from many different walks of life.  His unique gifting for taking things that are seemingly impossible and framing them in such a way that they become exciting opportunities has made him a favorite person to turn to for answers to question in both life and business.
Today Steve will take a rare opportunity answer questions that have come up including things like:
  • What should I name my business or website?
  • Is a “free” website really free?
  • How can I really be all of me in all I do?
  • I always compliments everyone else but no rewards or celebrates me, can I change this?
  • Do I HAVE to sell? No really do I have to?
  • How can I grow my company to a whole new level?
  • And many more.
Listen in to get answers to your questions and learn more from this 52 year old man who has been in business for 47 years.  Find out today how you to can be a THRIVING ENTREPRENEUR