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Thriving Entrepreneur

Steve Kidd

Make the Difference with Francisca and Julie

You are meant to impact the world! You are meant to make a difference.
This episode is here to encourage you to make the difference in the
world you were created to make.

Host Steve Kidd is joined by Authors Francisca Mandeya and Julie Renee
Doering as they share their passionate mission with the world both as an
example of you to do what you are meant to do as well as to inspire you
to their cause

First Francisca Mandeya shares from her international bestseller
“Mother Behold Thy Son: One Woman’s Journey to Dismantle Patriarchy and
Live a Life of Equality, Love and Freedom” In this interview as well as
in her book she shares with moms how they can be the voice of change but
also how they can raise sons who can also be change agents in this world

Next Author, Julie Renee shares her book” Your Divine Human Blueprint:
Bringing Heavenly Knowledge to an Awakening Human Community” to again
share her passion but also help you live a happy and healthy life using
the quantum filed and your original blueprint restore and renew your

We all have a purpose. We are all meant to make a difference. As we
listen to this amazing insight hopefully, you will also be inspired to
Make the Difference today as you listen to Thriving Entrepre