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Host: Nicole Bridger

Your thoughts are creating your life. Join Nicole, certified intuitive coach and learn to heal limiting thought patterns and intentionally create the life you desire.

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When It’s Hard to be Happy for Others

Download Episode Today on “Intentional Healing” your host Nicole Bridger talks about when it’s hard to be happy for others. Stop sharing your happiness, can’t you see Im suffering? Sometimes when we are in the grips of pain and suffering it makes things feel even worse when those around us seem to be getting all […]

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Intentional Healing with Nicole Bridger

Ten years of giving my everything to my ethical clothing brand coupled with being a single mama, this lady got burnt out and my health plummeted. Needing to find a different way of being I worked with an intuitive MD who helped me peel back the layers to create the life I felt was waiting for me. Now I’m an intuitive coach myself. I help people uncover the unconscious thoughts that have been navigating their lives and guide them to intentionally choosing the thoughts that will create the life they want that is aligned to their truth.

By the time we are 7 most of our belief systems are already formed. And what if they aren’t helping guide us to the life that we really want? Learn how to break old thought patterns, intentionally retrain your brain and begin to listen inward and live in alignment to your souls truth.