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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Understanding Our Eating Behaviors

Listening to Professor Jane Ogden is captivating, brilliantly informative & very thought provoking. Critical to weight management & eating a healthy diet is understanding what food means to us. A real problem, especially with food, is people do what they want vs. what they should. That is why we need to adjust our outlook, which is why we need to understand what food is doing to us. Hunger and taste often have little to do with why we eat-understand why we eat: The pathway between anorexia and obesity- Using food to make statements about ourselves. Why dieting just doesn’t work – denial and deprivation – recipe for disaster Two versions of the obese person Why weight loss surgery is not always the answer Learn to be introspective and understand our own reasons for eating and our food choices What can we do for our kids to give them a healthier relationship with food? Jane’s insight will enlighten your understanding of yourself.