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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Addiction Recovery Through The Holidays

Please join us for our 3rd spectacular show with Dr. Hal Urschel – addiction recovery psychiatrist and author of “Healing the Addicted Brain”. Doctor Urschel has been on the show helping us understand that addictions MUST be treated at the physiological roots, along with a methodical comprehensive approach – to assure success and longevity of recovery. Addiction recovery – whether it be nicotine, street or prescription drugs, alcohol – all are very treatable. When addiction recovery attempts fail – it is because a path was not set out for a full comprehensive approach. Dr. Urschel would like to share with us new medications available to assist in the full recovery of those addicted. There is not better way to show love than to contribute to someone’s health. The holiday season is so festive for many of us & a real potential for disaster for addicts. The role of loved ones over the holiday season is critical to the success & health of the recovering addict. Let’s learn how we can help.