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Smart Girl’s Guide to Life and Money – Where is he?! The Secrets to Dating from a Relationship Coach

Let’s face it ladies, dating sucks! This week, Jenny talks with Erica Johnson from Ignite Your Love Life to get the scoop on dating. If are having a hard time finding the right man (like Jenny) join us as Erica lets all us single ladies in on the true secrets we need to know. Even if you aren’t single, Erica has some tips that can help you improve your relationship. Erica answers Jenny’s burning question, “Should a man pay on the first date?” so be sure to tune in and find out what Erica says. If you’d like to continue the conversation (because 30 minutes is never long enough when it comes to talking about dating), Jenny has created a Facebook group called The Jenny Pincher’s Smart Girls to connect. Ladies, be sure to join us this week so you can finally stop asking that question, “Where is he”!?