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Today’s Parents – What To Do To Support Your Child’s Brain Development

Do you want to help your children achieve their full potential?

Ever wondered how you can best support their brain development early in life so that they can grow up to be well-rounded adults?
In this week’s one-hour special, host Chiao Kee Lim speaks with two guests to find out what it is that parents should understand about the brain and how they can best support their children when it comes to brain development.
In the first segment, researcher and founder of the George Greenstein Institute – Dr. M.A Greenstein shares:
• What parents need to know about the brain from the neuroscience perspective;
• What it means for children between ages 0 to 5, and 5 to 10;
• Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to supporting brain development;
• The impact of reward and punishment on a child’s brain development;
• How the use of technology and gadgets affects children’s brain development;
• What whole brain integration is and why it is important.
In the second segment, Chiao Kee shares an interesting article about a major driver of the difference in brain size between two three-year old children as reported by The Telegraph before speaking to teacher, mother-of-four and founder of – Pamela Hickein about the following:
• Why relying on traditional school system for our children’s brain development is insufficient;
• How Einstein became the genius that he was;
• The different skills that inhabits the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere of the brain;
• How to tell if your child is more right-brain dominant, left-brain dominant or balanced on both;
• Tools and resources to help whole brain learning from early childhood through to adolescent and adulthood.
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