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Jenny Kerr

Smart Girl’s Guide to Life and Money – 5 Ways To Get Over Your Holiday Spending Hangover

Did you fall in the trap and overspend this holiday season? Americans are predicted to spend on average (that’s just an average now) of $854 on friends and loved ones in 2012. If you are suffering from a holiday spending hangover this year, this weeks show gives you 5 ways to get over it and move on. There are two super easy tools you can use to to cure this hangover. PowerWallet will help you figure out your monthly spending and Planwise will help you create a plan to get rid of that debt. The cool thing about Planwise is you can create different scenarios to see how putting extra money towards your debt will help you pay it off faster. If you are sick of the holiday spending hangover and don’t want to be in the same place a year from now, listen to this week’s show!