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Today’s Parents – How To Parent When You Have More Than One Child

Thinking of having a second child, a third or maybe even a fourth?

Ever wondered how you can pull this parenting thing off when your all your children seem so different, with different needs and wants?

In this week’s show, host Chiao Kee Lim speaks with author of the best selling book The Child Whisperer, Carol Tuttle, about how to raise a family of multiple children. Carol herself is a mother of five and a grandmother of four, so listen in as she shares gems from her own experience about raising a big family:

• How to make sure your children don’t feel neglected when you have a new child in your family;
• How to manage your resources when you’re raising a big family;
• How to parent each child so that they feel validated and their needs are being met;
• What causes sibling rivalry and what to do about it;
• Things parents do that set themselves and their children up for failure; and much more.

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