Avant Gardener – 070113

Hosts, Derek and Carolyn continue to discuss the differences in their two gardens, Derek on sub-tropical Sanibel Island, Florida where he has been admiring plantings of exotic heliconias, caladiums and bromeliads, and Carolyn at Cedaridge Farm, Pennsylvania were she has been harvesting a bounty of lettuce and garden peas that soon will succumb to hot weather, to be replaced by cucumbers and summer squash as successions crops. Their guest is Lee Behrhorst, owner of Sundance Orchids, Ft. Myers. In the last program Lee discussed the popularity and growing of orchids, and in this segment focuses on the appeal and growing of bromeliads, providing a tip to determine their best location on a property since they can be sun-loving or shade loving. Lee advises keeping bromeliads in their pots for several weeks after planting to see if they like their new location, and if they show stress, to move them into brighter light or deeper shade, depending on the variety. Answering emails, Derek advises a lady with a tall north-facing wooden fence to place trellises against it and attach wooden struts along the top above the shaded side for Southern grape varieties to climb up the trellis. The vines cover the struts where they can fruit in the improved light at the top of the fence. A good variety, he suggests is the ‘Scuppernong’ variety because it is drought resistant and extremely sweet-flavored when ripe. Email questions can be sent to derekfell@verizon.net and a subscription to the Fell’s on line newsletter, the Avant Gardener can be obtained by visiting avantgardener.info.