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Just Between Us

Jackie Black, PH.D., BCC

Just Between Us – Reignite The Spark After Baby is Born: Redefining Romance

Do you believe that you get pregnant, have a baby and return to life as it was before you brought baby home?

Many couples have a hard time keeping the romance alive in their marriage during pregnancy and nothing changes very much after the baby comes home. And if it does change, it usually deteriorates more!

Let’s tell the truth: You are sleep deprived and just don’t have the energy for anything more than meeting the very real needs Baby has.

Or maybe you are struggling with body image stuff and you aren’t feeing desire or desirable. Perhaps because of the weight you gained to ensure you had a healthy baby, or maybe because you are nursing and you are experiencing your body in a very different way.

Staying connected with your partner is just as important as bonding with your baby!

And I know this will be hard to hear for some new Moms, but staying connected with your partner is more important than folding laundry or straightening up one room or another.

I think we have to be realistic and understand that those candles lit dinners on the veranda are probably not an option for a while. But what if you redefined the whole concept of romance?

What might be different in your life and love life if you and your partner recognized that small acts of love expressed on a regular basis by each of you to the other can actually help keep the romance alive and well between you?

My guest in this episode is Julie L. Johnson, a child birth and lactation professional and Post Partum Consultant for over 15 years and a Certified Relationship Coach. Julie has been married for 22 years and is a mom of 3 wonderful teenagers! Julie has worked in private practice and in hospital settings providing new Moms the real skills they need to redefine themselves, regain their confidence as women and wives so they can create closer connections with their identity, body and husband which are often lost after giving birth. Julie believes moms can be confident, peaceful, healthy, sexy and whole – without the guilt!

Julie creates special programs to help moms get the spark back in themselves and get their sexy back with their husbands.

Join this conversation and together, let’s shift the culture’s concepts about pregnancy, becoming new parents and becoming romantic partners again!