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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Colorado – Not any Safer from Violence on July 1st

New State Laws have just taken effect in Colorado on July 1st. The battle lines are drawn and the stakes are big for private law abiding citizens.

If you’re a proud gun owner or looking to soon be a gun owner in the State of Colorado – be careful; you are and will be behind enemy lines… with a Democrat party majority in the Senate, in the House, and the unfortunate luck of having a Democrat Governor who is against you and they all want to take your guns. The Governor rode in on a ticket that many thought to be a business friendly promise. So far the stark truth is nearly as bad as the pack of disappointments our second term President is recording (pun intended).

The firearms and accessories industry of Colorado has enjoyed anything but friendliness from this Governor. We are seeing $100s of Millions in both gross revenues and Tax revenues literally packing up and leaving the State of Colorado under his term as Governor. I believe this Governor has allowed a disgraceful Democrat Senate President, Sen. Morse (D) to manipulate traditional processes that cut out real debate, ignored evidence in the hearings, and limited access or ability for the public to have a voice. I believe Sen. Morse (D) intentionally manipulated presentations and limited input from the very Law Enforcement professionals these laws will fall upon to enforce. This Senator flat out ignored the constituents of his district and even occasionally mocked them. It looks like his constituents might get the last laugh if they can muscle the first Re-call of a senator in the State of Colorado’s history. I, for one want to witness this historical event unfold and watch the citizens of his district send him packing to the unemployment line.

Look I don’t mind giving up some conveniences for the safety of our public, our children, or our nation. Here is the rub though, I am not only a retailer with a business in firearms accessories, gun sales, and firearms related training – but I am also a fairly educated security professional who built one of the fastest growing broadest based security firms in Western Colorado in the last decade. I can tell you from a threat management position a few things that DON’T make sense about these laws and point out that the agenda here is all about CONTROL and NOT the best interests of public safety.
My concern and disgust comes from a position of knowledge that fully recognizes we will find ourselves no better off or any safer than prior to these tragedies. No great feat in the name of public service has been rendered by picking some number from thin air.

Department of Justice whitepapers and the most current FBI open source statistics have been flat out ignored. Telling criminals to obey laws and follow moral paths in life will not stop the fact that right now while you listen several women a crossed the nation suffer a violent sexual assault, that several children were injured in the care of and at the hands of evil adults, that some stupid idiot still walked out of a bar and got into a car and injured or killed someone driving away. Bad people have been doing bad things to good people far before firearms where invented and if we ditch firearms for laser technology I promise again bad people will be hurting good people with that technology too. Colorado – you ARE NOT any safer starting July 1st then you where June 30th.

Cross your fingers that Colorado Sheriffs (55 of the 62 elected County Sheriffs) can get some brakes on this runaway train of mass political stupidity. It might be considered a local issue but this goes beyond just local jackassery. I am painfully out of patience with stupidity. What part of Public Safety has been served here with these laws I have asked repeatedly. Not a single politician has answered this for me in the State of Colorado or beyond in our Nation’s Capital.

Until now; in this episode hear a ranking Colorado Senator come on this show; my little show, “On America’s Frontlines of Crime & War”. Here in this episode I am joined by family man & outdoor enthusiast Senator Kevin Grantham! He is the Colorado State Senate Republican Whip.

Learn about Senator Kevin Grantham

Starting 1 July forward and until clear legal determinations are made Victory Defense Consulting suggests:

NEVER leave your guns, magazines, or ammunition in plain view in your vehicles or home.

NEVER allow a Concealed Carry weapon to become visible in public.

NEVER openly discuss the guns you own, the magazines you own, or how much ammunition you may or may not have in public or unknown company.

NEVER answer questions about the guns you own, the magazines you own even to a Police Officer unless you have properly invoked your rights or have proper representation.

NEVER consent to a vehicle search in which you have used to store, transport, or keep firearms and magazines (even if you think they have been removed – something might have got left behind).

DO NOT support any businesses posting a policy that declares the property is a Gun FREE Zone if you can help it. Refuse to eat at chains that have that policy, refuse to be a patron to retailers posting the policy. Make sure they are held to the highest civil punitive damages IF an act of violence occurs on their property where all possible additional security measures may have been neglected for your safety. Since they are essentially disarming you they have accepted FULL responsibility for your safety, your family & friends safety as well and they have taken on the responsibility to protect you from employees – past & present and all others coming on to the property.

You MUST get involved and vote out politicians who have embarrassed the State of Colorado with these unenforceable laws, who have admittedly noted these laws do not offer any additional public safety measures, and who sold their souls to Out-of-State interests in order to get campaign assistance.

If you are in a District that a Re-Call election is going on you MUST participate and vote out those being re-called and help send a nationwide message. It is your Duty to change the tide of Colorado politics and take back our State. Return to our traditional culture and proud heritage.

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