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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – In the World of Three Guns

What did you learn from the Zimmerman trial?
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Victory Defense Consulting recently hosted and held the Colorado Freedom Shoot June 29th & 30th in our own protest of the worthless laws going in to affect July 1st here in Colorado. This informal family friendly competitive event was a lot of fun and again I can’t thank sponsors enough. If you want to see the 100 some photos of the event please go check them out on our Facebook page in the photo Album titled Colorado Freedom Shoot.

That event got me to thinking though and we had lots of questions about holding more events like it for shooters who wanted some personal skill building and fun shooting. So I started looking into it and I know a lot of folks are having some fun these days with three gun competitions.

In all the training that we provide as a company and the skills I have brought to the table while running a fulltime 24/7 business I just have never attended or dove off into the competitive gun skills world. Three gun competitions though do have an innate ability to merge multiple skills and relate to military and law enforcement skill building, and self defense skills. I wanted to know more about Three Gun Competitions – my guest is a long time 3 gun competitor and has written a book to help discuss and introduce three gun competitions.

Hear what James R. Morris SFC RET, has to say and share about three gun competitions. He authored the first and only book and the subject of three guns: The 3 Gun, Multi-gun report

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