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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Slinging Arrows & Lead Balloons

A short episode trouncing upon all the topics and headlines of real interest. We punt a few lead balloons at topics that we can’t just yet wrench ourselves away from. Of course with your host’s strong opinion and sharp tongue there are also some arrows slung again at key figures we are all familiar with.

Gun Free Zones – to be avoided at all costs. For your safety and that of your family & friends. Avoid ALL businesses / franchises with this ignorant signage posted. Take your money elsewhere – give your business to companies who are not making themselves ripe hunting grounds for the savvy predator looking for the easy scores upon known easy targets. Explain it to your children – I do.
“Sorry Son – we will not be spending my hard earned money with this business because they do not support Free American ideals and are supporting the erosion of our 2nd Amendment Rights. Son any business with a “Gun Free Zone” sign posted essentially wants to take away or supports taking guns from us. That means yours too – the one you like to go to the range with me and shoot, the one you have been training with; ya they want to take that away from you so we won’t be giving them our business and let’s see; we can go to this other business that’s more friendly to our ideals.”

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