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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Keeping Churches Safe – The Sacred Few

Executive Protection requires sacrifice & dedication but possibly none greater when it’s volunteered!

Keeping Churches Safe means that behind the scenes some dedicated security professionals are hard at work. This dedication goes to a whole new level when we learn that these professionals invest their own money into training, that all the good work they do is volunteered, and no matter how risky the assignment, they do it as professionals. Churches have a need for a broad array of security services – they need EP & Dignitary Protection, Crime Prevention, Uniformed Security, they face domestic violence or workplace violence type events as a matter of welcoming all into their folds. This brings a whole new level of dedication and service to the table. Hear what one professional who has been providing dedicated service to his Church for 9+ yrs has to say about what this unique niche in protection means to him & his team. I think it earns a special degree of profound respect and we will be reminded of the qualities required of Security, Protection, and Service.

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Special Guest Bio: Gary Essig
Gary Essig is now the Security Director for a large high profile Church with over 10,000 members in the Minneapolis area. For 9+ years he has been providing Executive Protection Services as a volunteer and paying for training out of his own pocket. He is an Alumni of the well known and regarded RL Oatman & Associates (Class # 31) and has hundreds of hours of other training invested into his services. He is the Senior Team Leader/Trainer for a 23 member EP Detail plus 4 dedicated drivers who handle the Executive Protection Ministry and all the Dignitary & Guest Security/Transportation responsibilities. His team provides all the security services for national and international Christian and Jewish Ministers and guests who visit their facility. Gary Essig spent 5yrs as a Minnesota Dept. of Corrections officer that included special training as a Security Squad member and a S.O.R.T. Team Officer. Gary Essig is a dedicated individual to the art of service and sacrifice.

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