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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – The Re-Call Heard Around the Nation

In this episode hear an opinion on the impact of a successful re-call of TWO Colorado State Senators, a first in the State of Colorado. One Senator just happened to be the sitting State Senate President, John Morse (D) who voters sent packing because of his disrespect, distain, and total disregard for the citizens who hired him as their representative. Well, they fired him and replaced him with a new representative, who in turn will forever be reminded – represent the citizen’s interests or else! Special Guest Sheriff John Cooke, from Weld County Colorado helps us understand the impact of what has just historical occurred.

Colorado citizens, the common man (woman) have had a victory equal no doubt to David slaying Goliath! This is the Re-Call Heard Around the Nation. It pitted out of state BIG money, meddling interests, and manipulative agendas against real people and their real values. Rarely are re-calls successful but this one was and oh what a message it sends! I think you will see the impact of this State’s voice, its common citizen’s voice now weigh heavily in the coming Mid-Term Elections and possibly even the elections in 2016. Personally I hope so, good job Colorado; I have ranted and railed hard against the panic and the misinformation of these big agenda anti-gunners. I have at times been hard on this State’s elected, but today common sense and real people have prevailed.

Colorado – you made me proud this time. Good work to all who worked so hard to make it happen – the odds & big money were undoubtedly stacked against you but the will of the people still won out.

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