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Harold Nicoll

The Collector’s Show – Lunch Boxes and a New Comic: Mike Kaye On The Collectors Show with Harold Nicoll

I always like stories where there is a happy ending and someone with whom I am acquainted has the opportunity to use his or her interests in collecting (regardless of what it is) and invent their own job. Our guest this week has done this twice.
Our guest this week is Mike Kaye. Mike was on with us a few years back talking about his collection of lunch boxes. And we will talk about where he is with that. But lately he has taken his interest in comics to another level of creativity. You will have the chance to know more about both and how to order a first edition comic from the writer, illustrator himself coming up on The Collectors Show.

To visit his lunch box site and get information about Amphoman go to:

Laurence Z. Zale talks to us about “what” to buy when collecting in his installment this week.

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