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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – A Protection Failure of Presidential Proportions…

The Secret Service is to our industry the pinnacle of what protection professionals are all about… however, more than any other Presidency I can remember the scandals abound. The most public – how about that couple getting into a White House diplomatic party without any credentials? How about the Presidential limo getting high centered in the UK, the Mardi Gras party some agents got caught in in South America, a Secret Service Presidential Detail member leaving a firearm in the restroom on Air Force One, and now letting a known formerly apprehended mentally unstable & violent criminal with a record and involvement in some horrendous crimes stand right next to the President and dozens of world leaders.

Is it a matter of failed leadership that is allowing these kinds of oversights to occur to the safety and security of the United State of America President? I personally think it contributes far more than we would like to admit – that leadership starts at the very top, if it lacks respect on both sides; fix it already. Standing next to or holding the umbrella of a publicly disrespectful world leader such as the head of this Administration does give you some pause – but in our line of business it’s not the individual we often are protecting… it’s the position. Leaving the leader of the most powerful free nation in the world exposed to potential harm is cause for great concern and hard questions.

For this interview we are talking to a true Protection Professional and returning guest.

A man who has had a great deal of experience in Dignitary Protection and Intelligence preparation for a Protection Detail for some of the highest levels of dignitaries in the world. This guest is an instructor for Law Enforcement and Industry professionals. He is an alumnus of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; he has accumulated over 2,000 hours of training in executive and dignitary protection and has logged thousands of hours of practical field protection details. He is based in the Mecca of Celebrity circles of CA and has provided protection details all a crossed the world. He has a deep passion for professionalism and perfection, his clients are always in safe hands that extend forward beyond just an immediate physical presence. He has also been an interviewed Expert on numerous main stream media shows.

Introducing Kent Moyer, President & CEO, The World Protection Group.
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Special Note:
We want to take a second and say great job to the School Resource Officer who recently responded to the school related shooting incident in Colorado. His response was 80 seconds! That then forced the shooter to take his own life because he was a mental dirt bag coward. As always I refuse to use or utter the shooters name. We know from studies that most of these shooters very often cower and take their own lives immediately when faced with a confrontation – he was no exception. Again I give you and your children permission to fight back against these cowards like your life depends on it. No one seems to mention much about this shooters connection to politics and affiliations which in my opinion was one of a possible few red flags. Good job again to the responding officer – you saved lives.

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