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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Gun Rights, it’s our Responsibility

This week my special guest is a Small Business owner who talks to us about his pro-gun testimony and experience at the Colorado State Capitol. I have told you before in other episodes how insane the knee jerk reactions where and how dangerous the misinformed rushed bills where that followed. The large majority of Colorado County Sheriffs don’t even support this nonsense Law Makers passed against their advice!

In Colorado there was a pro-gun bill put forward this week that allowed for public input and Matt Solomon, Owner of Alpine Arms in Eagle, Colorado brought his voice forward. He represented my company as well and gave testimony about what a Small Business Owner and FFL Holder goes thru because of this new legislation. The duplicative nature of these laws costs the Tax Payers a great deal of unnecessary burdens as well as in some cases present potential conflict & confusion with Federal Laws. The laws that where rushed thru are not solving anything, they are hardly enforceable, criminals still slide passed them hardly breaking stride, and are burdening Small Business owners like Matt Solomon and I with extra and unnecessary paperwork.

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