Spirituality and Philosophy

Seeking Serenity

Dr. Margery Runyan


Dr. Mercy interviews the Reverend Thabiti in Las Vegas who has given new meaning to the term ‘the cards never lie.’ From the heart of the gaming industry, the Reverend has created a divination method using standard playing cards called the Personal Time Mapping System. With a background in physics and comparative religion, he has transformed the powerful correlation between the time-space continuum and playing cards into a method of life choices in the emotional, mental, financial, and spiritual realms. Using our birth date and that of others in our world, we can project choices that improve our chances of successful outcomes. Reminiscent of the I-Ching in the Taoist system and Jungian archetypes of time/ space relativity, Reverend Thabiti has revolutionized our ability to predict our life journey in a brilliant computer model accessible to all. Visit ThePower.org to join the system or email info@thepower.org to consult the experts.