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On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War

On America’s Frontlines of Crime and War – Yes – DIY Guns are Legal

Hear JJ Sutton discuss building your own firearm.

Many people are finding ways to legally own semiautomatic rifles even with the new laws. Look at the new mass produced NY legal AR that is modified to not have a pistol grip, uses a crowned, non threaded barrel and the oh so scary bayonet lug is removed. A great and awesome stroke to resourcefulness right there.

Other opinions at finding and getting a legal gun maybe require some assembly. The sale of “80% complete” receivers has become an increasingly popular way to obtain a legal weapon without crossing the law.

Because they are not complete, they are not considered guns so they can be sold by any retailer who desires to shelf them, no background checks are required and do not require serial numbers. It is up to the individual buyer to complete the work and turn the parts into a fully functional weapon. The term 80% means the receiver is milled from raw material but is only 80% finished and still requires 20% more work to be done – usually milling the fire control pocket out (where the trigger goes. Now some tooling is required, some craftsmanship is required, and that meets all the BATFE’s rules for it to NOT be classified as any kind of weapon… Its simply raw material – a paper weight until the other 20% of work is done. And if a private person wanted to do that work they could with out notifiying anyone or government agency about it.

Most law abiding gun owners have nothing to hide, they are passionate about protecting their homes and families. Good citizens don’t want to be traced or tracked by the government. Not having your name in a government database that is susceptible to being hacked or targeted by criminals is important to most of us. So I support strongly those who desire not having their name available in some database to be plucked or picked from for good or evil purposes.

This is information that most consider private, however all it took was a Freedom of Information request to get the names of hundreds of concealed carry permit holders that were published last year in New York. Similar lists have been published by newspapers in Tennessee and Connecticut. So ya the law abiding gun owner IS being targeted by both the criminally minded thugs and the gun grabber thugs …. Bloomberg and his bored mothers clan included.

So do I concern myself with 80%rs… No not really. I think it would be an excellent project for a father and son to do together or as a family…. Build a gun from scratch and then enjoy it.

I hope they – the politicians can find better things to occupy their time with like maybe taking up some ethics studies or truthfulness lessons and give us some answers to bigger questions. Meanwhile – if you want to buy some raw material known as 80%rs and join thousands of others who are building their own guns from scratch…. I say do it. Do it now before they move against you on that front too.

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