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Take The Lead - Conversations with Leaders Who Motivate and Inspire

Betsy Myers

Take the Lead – Conversations with Leaders Who Motivate and Inspire – Lauren Noel and Christie Hunter Arscott

What is the best way for employers to work with millennial women in the workplace? ICEDR did a special report with organizational leaders, men and women, ages 22-35 on this topic. Lauren Noel of ICEDR and Christie Hunter Arscott an experienced advisor and strategist, speak with Betsy about their findings. Millennial men and women are gender neutral in what they want in the workplace. They want to be known as a person, not just an employee. Lauren and Christie’s conversations with millennial women revealed five main themes of what they desire at work: Challenge me, know me, connect me, inspire me, and unleash me. Listen in to learn about making the best work environment for millennial women. To connect with Lauren please email her at lnoel@icedr.org and to connect with Christie please follow her at @CHunterArscott.